Tuesday 17 November 2015

Welcome back old friend

There's no knowing when he will show up,
but he was just what the doctor ordered today.

I think he has some admirers out there too.

I bought Mog's Christmas Calamity today.
Of all the supermarket Christmas ads
this is my favourite.
Freda pointed me towards this behind the scenes clip
with Mog's creator Judith Kerr.

P.S. I have crayons in pots envy.


  1. Who wouldn't want to hang out with you, Lucille?

  2. Lucille, what fun to see the graceful poses that your feline sometime visitor choses for your photographs! What a lovely kitty...and remember, I am much more of a dog sort of person. I also loved seeing the Mog video. I'd not before known of Ms Kerr's creation and thank you for the introduction.


  3. Hello Tall Cat - I've missed you. Great advert - lovely lady.

  4. I love that behind the scenes, Judith looks so happy to see Mog moving x priceless x

  5. I must learn to upload videos to the blog this neatly....:-)

  6. At last , the cinèma vèritè super Christmas ad !
    Only Judith Kerr could have created both Mog and the Tiger .

  7. Oh yes, lovely to see that behind the scenes piece with Judith Kerr, and definitely crayon pot envy here too. Cats are a tonic indeed aren't they. I hope all is well with you. CJ xx

  8. What a beautiful cat. I am smitten and have gone back through tall cat's history just to bring myself up to date. We have two black cats and it is almost impossible to photograph them as they just look like black blobs, especially in current light.
    Sometimes hugging a cat is exactly what the doctor ordered and if they do you the honour of sitting on you and letting you stroke them then that's even better.
    The Mog stories are lovely and the animation is spot on... it is Mog brought to life. No wonder Judith Kerr was so pleased. It is the best Christmas advert by a mile.

  9. It's yoga for cats. Mog was/is a real favourite here. Judith Kerr is a wonderful illustrator and writer and as much as I admire the clever work that has gone into producing the film (thanks for the clip, I'd read about it but not seen it) it isn't a patch on the books, IMHO.

  10. Lovely. Judith Kerr is delightful. Wish I'd seen the exhibition of her work at the Jewish Museum.

  11. She has almost as many coloured pencils as I have! I'd not heard of Mog before.