Wednesday 18 November 2015

Self-sweeping leaves

Every morning when I open the front door
I find this heap of plane tree leaves
tidily swept into a pile by the south westerly wind.
Such a time saver.


  1. I have a porch like that! Except that when I open the front door, the leaves all rush in like a labrador at dinner time, and spread themselves around....

    1. Luckily the wind has dropped by the time I open the door!

  2. Fantastic! All ready for turning into leaf mould. How very convenient. CJ xx

  3. Lucille, this photograph reminded me of how much I love tiled entranceways. I've taken many photographs of them over the years, as I visited the UK. But. I never got to take one from the vantage point of your photo...opening that front door to find autumn leaves patiently waiting to be admitted.

    Glad that you were able to easily gather them up. Friendly winds in your neighborhood.


  4. Self sweeping leaves I think that could catch on. Yours look nice and dry, they are a soggy wet mess here........

  5. Shame they don't take themselves off to the compost bin...