Tuesday 3 November 2015


The weather has been calm, misty and uncannily warm for November.
We are used to being buffeted by strong winds when we walk on this coast,
even during the summer. 
Not for nothing is there an array of wind turbines at Romney Marsh.

It takes most of the day, but slowly
 the mist thins and lifts and layers of garments
are discarded and tied clumsily by their arms
around our waists.

It is warm enough not to have to shiver in sympathy
with the girl modelling a wedding dress in the dunes.

Almost Mediterranean.

A still small day of calm
in an otherwise rather frenetic patch.


  1. Lovely. It looks like you were out all day. Nice not to shiver on the beach, in November.

  2. Beautiful photos - thank you for sharing them. May your frenetic period vanish like fog on a fine day.

  3. What gorgeous photos, I can feel the stillness and tranquillity. CJ xx

  4. some Halloween pictures in there

  5. But the spider webs are amazing ! Like little trampolines on every bush .

  6. Ah, the peacefulness of the sea. When it's, you know, calm. It's going to be there when we're all gone, which is quite soothing, I always feel.

  7. As always, I find your pictures astoundingly beautiful. I especially like the very early morning ones in this series, and this one in particular. How clever and artful you are in balancing this image to enhance that feeling of peace and calm for the viewer, as you had no doubt experienced as you stood there.

  8. Atmospheric and very beautiful. Healing I hope...

  9. Beautiful. It has been strangely calm and oddly warm for Nov. I much prefer it.

  10. Just beautiful photos. It is such an atmospheric coastline.

  11. Lovely stuff, thank you.

    North Yorks Moors, last Sunday, were amazingly beautiful in glorious sunshine.