Friday 20 November 2015

Have at thee Christmas!

Four jars of mincemeat made
and one Christmas card bought.
A Post-It note saying:

Make table bigger?
Get/make curtains.
Put curtains up spare room.

The illusion of being satisfactorily on top of things 
in that department
cannot be allowed to persist.


  1. Sounds like you've got it in the bag. I've made a start, and I do have a large jar of mincemeat in the cupboard (left over from last year). Do let me know when it's acceptable to start making tarts. CJ xx

  2. Well, Lucille, seems to me that you and Sue are well ahead of me with regard to certain preparations.

    Those jars of mincemeat surely do look good. And inspiring, too.


  3. Secretly impressed by mincemeat. That is a LOT of mincepies.

  4. All good if it works.... If I start too early, I manage to fool myself that I've got it sorted, then I get distracted and stop, forget what I've done so far, and end up with a last-minute panic. And usually the list goes missing. One year I put several summer-bought presents away in the famous Safe Place and didn't find them until several months after Christmas. Nowadays I know hardly anyone who likes mincemeat or Christmas cake, so I can cross that particular task off the list and feel just fine about buying them ready made just for me!

  5. You're further ahead than I am. On the other hand, all of our children are going to be with their in-laws this year so... turkey dinner for one for the carnivore and baked beans on toast for me. Bliss! (Lonely - but there are compensations. I might be able to watch the ballet for the first time ever, assuming there's going to be ballet on tv.)

  6. Lists? Oh my, you are way ahead......

  7. I love your list-making ! It so resembles mine . The key , I find , is to begin with a completed item ( so feel-good ) and then break up a task up into two ( the curtains ) .
    Then I sally forth and complete the most achievable ( ready for the top of tomorrow's list ) ...
    But , unlike you I expect , I then get distracted , waylaid , hungry ...
    It's still weeks away , right ?

  8. I do love a list and am convinced that the act of writing one is job done so am often sadly disillusioned. Intrigued by 'make table bigger'...

  9. I say Bah, to lists and Christmas!

  10. Where would we be without our Bonne Maman jars? (I must admit mine hold leftovers far more often than anything made specifically to go in them;-)