Thursday, 19 March 2015

As quiet as

Looking for a quiet spot,

in a noisy town centre

to wheel grand-daughter 

because she needed a nap,

I chanced upon

this place 

of peaceful repose.


  1. Perfect. slowed my breathing right down, so I'm sure your granddaughter had a lovely nap.

  2. I love cemeteries. You can meet the most interesting people there.Your find looks like it's a lot better maintained than the ones that I frequent.

  3. Lucille, I think that you and your adorable granddaughter found a beautifully quiet spot for a nap.

    With yet another bit of snow in our forecast for tomorrow, I cannot tell you how encouraging I found your photographs.

    Useful and beautiful! xo

  4. I love cemeteries too. I never understand why some people find them depressing. Perfect place for a nap.