Friday, 20 March 2015


No special glasses needed!
Cloud cover at 8 oktas where you are?
Satisfaction guaranteed!


  1. Thankyou !!
    Here , cloud cover meant that it just got gloomier for a while ... And the ducks don't believe in eclipses at all , so quacked right through it .

  2. It is like the Eye of Sauron (surprised). How talented you are, my dear.

  3. Best eclipse I've seen today. Lovely.

  4. Oh Lucille, this is a very cool view!

    I do have a memory of experiencing a midday solar eclipse on a Sixth Avenue midtown sidewalk way back in the 1990s. It was also pretty cool.


  5. Actually I got a really good view. Partial cloud cover allowed me to see the crescent sun clearly without danger to my eyes.

  6. Persephone will be clamouring to use this as the cover of one of their various war-time rationing novels.

  7. Very good, Lucille. Don't we live in interesting times!

    I did the pinhole/card thing at my bedroom window, arms aching from holding them the requisite metre apart, then, during an arm-wobbling moment, noticed a perfect larger image on the bedroom wall. Rushed downstairs for camera, thinking I could manage a pinhole paper in one hand and a camera in the other, and couldn't do it second time round. So I just leaned out and watched the birds flying back to roost in the strangely gloomy sunlight. And this weekend it's been all super-low tidal stuff - the Bristol Channel looks as though you could stroll across to Wales.

  8. That's beautiful!