Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Could do better

This is a mossy wall, blossoming.

I wish I had more to offer 
but the rest of the pictures from the weekend
were 28 shots of the inside of my coat pocket,

this little critter,

and sand.


  1. And just what exactly is wrong with the inside of your coat pocket?


  2. Lucille, you've made me smile, actually giggle with the notion of the 28 mystery clicks. Very conceptual.

    The sand photograph reminds my eyes of knitting...some complex cabling in a natural Aran yarn.

    Hereabouts it's chilly rain, with still more promises from the forecasters of warmer days ... just beyond our immediate reach. It just might be my bad memory, but truly, I don't remember Spring being such an elusive flirt.


  3. personally I love that sand. and I want to know the name of that critter. he's adorable x

  4. I do wish you would consider Instagram - your photographic musings would be a wonderful contribution. You don't need a smartphone because it can be managed from a laptop and many accounts are reflective in style rather than immediate records of daily life. Have a peep!

  5. Now , the coat pocket 'photos sound like a likely candidate for the Turner prize ...

  6. I have never seen such a pretty mossy wall as that, it has so many little plants in it.

    Thanks to Alice for letting me know that Instagram can be managed from a laptop, I needed that information.

  7. The Gardener says would you like to see his photos of the inside of his camera bag?

  8. I'm rather partial to flowering moss, just to look at you understand!