Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Blues and greens

 Soaking up the blues and greens.

I was told that 
Blue and green should never be seen 
except upon an Irish Queen.
But now it seems my informant was wrong,
it was red and green for that rule.
Without another colour in between,
or except in the washing machine,
is what I should have been abiding by
for blue and green.
Oh and never wear brown in town.
Or brown and blue will never do.

We love amusing ourselves with rules that rhyme.

I notice I am wearing green and blue striped socks

If you see the sky is blue,
Time to break a rule or two.


  1. Pink and red - a particularly nasty school pudding involving jelly and blancmange, all texture and no taste.

  2. Such a joyful poem - just in the mood your pics brought! I like the green-blue combination - it means spring is around the corner!
    How strange - my last post is in white and red!:)

  3. Gorgeous images, even the green chair and candles ( I am not fond of green as a colour).

  4. Lucille, outside hereabouts it's been mostly icy white with grainy city soot layered on and frozen.

    However. Yesterday the temperature went up. And this afternoon and evening rain is falling and washing away the unsightly winter remnants.

    I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to tomorrow. It will be warmer still, sunny...and a day off.

    Blue and green may soon be given visas allowing their return to our city colorway. With some yellow daffs for accent. xo

  5. A poem with a spring in its step and beautiful photos capturing the zing of colours at this time of year. Thank you.

  6. I was always told red & green... However, I think that a blue blue sky can cheer up any dull colour. Especially in the Spring or Autumn when the sun is lower in the sky. Lovely photos.

  7. Blue and green are perfect together and why not blue and red, but then I am Irish and perhaps descended from the Kings of Ireland (or so family legend has it. There were any Kings in Ireland). And what else are rules for?

  8. Blue and green are lovely together. Red and green are best at Christmas, when all rules are waived.

  9. There were so many rules , when I was young ! I've done my best to forget them all ever since .

    That glorious blue sky is tempting me to go out and gambol with the lambs . On the other hand . perhaps not ....

  10. Our Tuesday was just as colourful, back to grey today.
    Shout out if you would like some blues and pinks, I will post you some.

  11. Oh the chair and the candles - perfect!!

  12. The sky is unendingly grey here, so in the absence of blue I am off to seek some woodland green.