Tuesday 2 December 2014

Why do toadstools grow so close together?

They don't need mushroom.

I'm getting on splendidly and have made much more room
in the desk drawers and filing trays.
I dealt with stationery today and found some useful stamps.

There are 29 partially filled notebooks to face up to tomorrow.
I never got on with Filofaxes but
I do love a good notebook.
Annie drew my attention to these some while back.

I'll make room.


  1. It has been a good year for fungi wish I was more knowledgeable. I have been going through my latest notebook to search out book titles I have jotted down along the way to add to the Christmas wish list. Clearing out paperwork is always very satisfying.

  2. It's odd how notebooks only ever get partially filled. I have millions of the things, but could do with more, of course, to also partially fill.

    What lovely toadstools.

  3. What will you do with the notebooks I wonder? Difficult one notebooks. Advice welcomed!

  4. Lucille, I am going to pass your toadstool riddle on to my uncle to sends out a Punday Monday message every week. He says it's his way of letting those of us on the email list know that he's still with it.

    I also love notebooks and sketchbooks. One of my smaller, not so new, moleskin notebooks came along with me on my UK trip. I use it to keep track of places/events/people I plan on seeing on my visit, and addresses and phone numbers, and C/F temperature conversions, and so much more. It's very different from the notebook I used for my travel journal. I love the idea of filling up the little book, trip by trip, much as stamped pages accumulate in my passport.

    Oh, before I forget again, I've meant to tell you that the quality of the light and dark in your twilight photographs reminded me of beautiful mezzotints. I've had some mezzotint experience and think it's a lovely medium.


  5. Ooh. Those are nice notebooks. Dangerous.

  6. I do love a good notebook. The only ones which get filled are my garden diaries but I keep meaning to do more with them. Not enough time!

  7. Is this still the Japanese declutter? I, on the other hand, have inadvertently thrown away a vital piece of paper. Which has been cause of much distress and gnashing of teeth.

  8. I'd be lost without my Field Notes, but I'm getting to the stage where I could do with one of those fancy wooden boxes to keep them all in.

    Thank you for the link :)

  9. Right, well, when you're finished, how about coming up here and helping me to clear out the cupboard in my mum's room where she kept all her archives, photos, address books etc? It's been over two years and I keep opening the door and then not feeling strong enough to tackle it, and closing it again. I suppose that I feel that if I clear it all out, she's really gone. And then I might have to tackle my own papers...

    1. I would but I have a similar cupboard that is defeating me, not so much because the people have gone, but the people they used to be have gone. MK recommends starting with the easy stuff and getting into your stride before you deal with memorabilia and sentimental attachments.