Wednesday 10 December 2014

Taking a step back

Yesterday I surprised myself
by making three jars of blackberry jam.

 And where you might ask, 
are the seasonally appropriate pictures of
mincemeat making,
of pine tree felling,
of pudding stirring
of Christmas belling?

Are you trying to mess with my mind?
Will it be meringues and cream tomorrow?
Are you trying to cater more for your Antipodean reader?

Well yes, all of the above because there are six egg whites in there too
 but the day before yesterday
I applied Marie Kondo's theories to the freezer food category.
If it didn't spark joy, or leave room for my chicken stock to feel appreciated
out it went.
But then I couldn't bring myself to chuck the defrosted blackberry puree
down the plughole, 
so I made jam.
And the jam can be gifts
so we will be back in sync.


  1. I am wondering whether it would be better value to ship you my freezer contents for you to sort out for me, or to fly you over here to deal with them in situ. I too have neglected blackberries.

    1. I only ever deal with clients in their own homes. I'd do mates' rates for you but please don't let Ada get wind of this. I dread to think what she's been hoarding all these years.

    2. I thought my secret lock-up in Silence of the Lambs was quite tidy, all things considering. And I recall a nice lampshade (family heirloom).

  2. I'll look after Tall Cat whilst you are staying with Mise. Just pop him in a padded envelope.....................

    1. That's truly spooky Cathy. He called in today - the first time since October.

  3. Home-made jam as christmas gifts? Perfect! Perhaps the best gift I've ever received was some grapefruit marmalade made by my daughter shortly before she left to live overseas for a few years.

  4. Oh, my! I'm on a Kondo-inspired bookshelf purge and hoping my daughter will take our extras to the resale shop where they will bring someone else joy and her some cash, and me a clear living room floor again!

  5. My freezer is full of soft fruits that stay there till I need the space next year that's when the jam making begins - although I do have a cupboard full already.

  6. That is about as festive as I get at this time of year...

  7. You can never have too many pots of blackberry jam ... or enough room in the freezer for leftover turkey .

  8. I love me some blackberry jam...and some Jethro Tull for that matter!