Wednesday 17 December 2014

Christmas in the Spring

 A three hour transformation took place in my kitchen today.

The team - Art Director, Stylist, Photographer and Publisher
brought nearly everything they needed

(that tea pot got lucky)

to create an impression of a bright spring day in the country
on an exceptionally dull December one in town.

As far as I could tell,
all that was going to remain of the original location,
was a hazy impression of a 'country' garden in the background.

Even the table top was theirs,
carefully selected from a backgrounds rack
in a props warehouse.
Who knew?

The cake, though scrumptious looking,
was deemed to be a little too messy,
so I stepped forward with an offer of knives
to tidy it up.

Later someone found a plate of macarons in my fridge
and decided that they would be just perfect
for the Waitrose version of the advertisement.

Bunting was called for but later abandoned as 
too much in the way of the copy that had to be added later.

I believe this is one of the selected shots,
possibly destined for Sainsbury's or Tesco magazines
as I can't see any macarons in it.

Disappointingly no flowers or cakes were left behind.

I am not familiar with this author
so I have looked her up for you.

Now I can bring in the Christmas tree.


  1. Intriguing - so nothing is at it seems - was it advertising Katie Fforde's book - how on earth did you get involved - are you on the list of shooting locations or something?

    1. No, a neighbour over the road is the Art Director and asked if they could use the kitchen at very short notice. I cleaned it up nicely but shouldn't have bothered. It is advertising the paperback version of her book.

  2. How interesting Lucille. How did you get involved with this?

    I have read some Katie Fforde and she is a rather lightweight romantic author. My favourite in this genre is Catherine Alliott who does it so well and makes me laugh. Of course, the ultimate romantic novelist, never beaten, has to be Georgette Heyer. I still have my grandmother's collection of her books.

  3. Ooooo that's exciting. I shall watch out for the photo in the magazines.

  4. How tremendously exciting! Out of loyalty, I shall rush to buy the book, and shares in Sainsbury's, Waitrose and Tesco. Will there be international film stars round at your place next?

  5. Well I haven't seen the final product, but I don't think I'd be able to identify my own house, no. Covers are so important aren't they? A lot of thought goes into them. I prefer to judge a book by its end papers.

  6. I've asked for Audrey Tautou to play me.

  7. Please tell me where you got that wonderful blue flooring? Thank you Lucille..

    1. It's Marmoleum or good old-fashioned lino. About 20 years old so I don't know if they still do it in this colour.

    2. Thanks - have sent for samples..

  8. I suspect your blog would be much more interesting reading than the featured book.

  9. I have a blue and white checkered lunch cloth very similar to the one in the photo. It's from the late '40's or early 50's and belonged to my mother. Perhaps I am right in style!

  10. Lucille, I enjoyed having this look at how stylists made use of your kitchen...and that window view. I will be on the lookout for any publicity about this upcoming Katie Fforde book. I have read some of her earlier books. The plots are similar but the setting varies, from Chelsea Garden Show, to interior decorating, to other pursuits that challenge the femail lead player. And ... surprise, there is a handsome man in that plot too.

    Right now, my tiny windowless kitchen is reaching a very high temperature as I bake tray after tray of star shaped, red/green sugar dusted cookies. I am about halfway done. Hoping to finish before 11 pm.


  11. Clearly I am the only person here who has read her....and I have laid in the bath and ried to figure out how to pronounce her last name, this was perhaps as entertaining as her book.

    Still good for the bath...

    And I love this behind the scene story.

    Where's that Christmas tree?

    xo J

  12. I've heard of K Ff, though not read her. How intriguing to be part of that, though in fact not much of your kitchen seems to show, really! I hope they put it all back afterwards and paid you richly.

  13. They didn't really take the flowers and cake away afterwards , did they ? How extraordinary !
    Still , it must have been interesting to see it all taking shape .

  14. I was once featured in a TV prog on antiques when Tim Wonnacott came to visit me and discuss my antiques and collectables (for the prog you understand). Shooting took two days and there was a whole team here, sound recordists, cameraman, director, etc, and through the prog I got to know the producer and when she wanted somewhere quiet to interview someone from our local zoo (a totally different prog) she phoned to ask if they might use our sitting room for the interview, and so part of our sitting room was again on TV, which I thought a bit surreal!
    Margaret P