Friday 11 April 2014

Thank you for waiting*

With nearly 600 photos to process,
how to choose?
How even to narrow down?

Sci fi toilet?

(The lid rises as you approach.
The seat is warmed
and an array of buttons, not always in English,
offers cleanliness beyond your wildest imaginings.)

or Mount Fuji?

(Seen on a rare clear day from the Rope Walk
cable car system.) 

(Seen from a boat on Lake Ashi.)

(Seen from the hotel at sunset in Tokyo.)

Puzzling notices? 

or a temple covered in gold leaf?

(The Kinkaku-ji Golden Temple.)

Tasty snacks?

(Bento boxes at the station.)

or tasty snacks?

(At the Monkey Park in Arashiyama.
We are in the cage, not the monkeys.)

* A frequently heard honorific greeting for talking to customers,
people of seniority, or the elderly,
not a concern for any delay, because we never experienced anything
but the utmost courtesy and promptness.


  1. Oh joy you are back and with such splendid pictures (not sure about the one of the toilet though) but whatever floats your boat as they say. Hope you enjoyed your stay and have lots of tales to tell.

  2. Well, that all looks very lovely indeed! More, please!

  3. Wonderful collection, Lucille, and funny! I do wonder what the 'washing position' involves, though... The Japanese do have the most beautifully presented food - almost like it is not really food, but ornament. I hope you had a grand trip.

  4. Oh, my, just WHAT is it that makes me want to sit and stare and stare at those hairy monkey arms and hands....?

    A wonderful mixed bag of photos, welcome back.

  5. Great photos, our daughter left Thursday for Japan, she got a job there. We'll be going over next year.

  6. Lucille, these photographs and your commentary are marvelous. And I do truly hope that you are going to show us much, much more.

    More would be useful and beautiful. xo

  7. Wonderful - I do hope you enjoyed Japan. I visited my student son there 10 years ago and remember being completely disorientiated most of the time. It is a weird and wonderful place! Lovely photos.

  8. Lucille, she's been studying Japanese for years, but just barely speaks it. She got a job with an international company. She's always wanted to live there, sad for us, great for her.

  9. Your toilet may seem terribly primitive now, I suppose?

    Welcome home; looking forward to many more photos. x

  10. I hadn't realised you were back! What fun I'm going to have catching up with all these posts :)