Thursday 17 April 2014

Japan was

sometimes off-putting.

Did I mention the tick?

The Japanese lethal virus laden tick.
Biting me. 3 a.m.

I didn't know it could be lethal at 3 a.m 
but I did know it wasn't welcome on my futon.
So with very little time to spare before catching the bullet train,

we paid a visit to the International Medical centre
with the tick in a little plastic box.

'Don't worry,' they said, patting my arm kindly.

'Incubation period up to two weeks,' said Dr Google.
'Early symptoms like the common cold.'
'Incurable,' said Dr Google.

Guess who had a common cold for five days.

Guess who I believed about the likely prognosis.

I'm fine.


  1. Now I'm worried about your spider bite. You very bravely did not blog about it. I feel like a wimp.

  2. Goodness - who knew! That train is something else - so sleek.

  3. Goodness, that would have been frightening! I am so glad that you are fine. Ticks have always freaked me out a bit since my childhood dogs and I used to encounter them while we were playing in woods.

    Your Japanese posts have really been wonderful. I wouldn't mind seeing some more. xo

    1. Your wish is my command. I'm getting those 600 photos out there by stealth!

  4. Jeepers. I thought the only tick to worry about was that American one. Now I know worse.

  5. Ah, Dr. Google.... I've learnt not to trust him, he's something of a pessimist....

  6. Lucille, I would have died of fright! I'm such a hypochondriac, I would have convinced myself I was dying. I think you were very brave.

  7. Dr. Google is completely lacking in bedside manner. I'm glad you are fine. We lived in some fear of Canadian ticks and after every hike my mom would check us over completely.