Thursday 24 April 2014


Nishiki market.

Ramen in a curtained cubicle.
Just as well. We hadn't quite got the technique perfected on day one.
Slurping is allowed!

The first of many kaiseki -
a traditional multi course dinner and sometimes breakfast.
Beautifully presented in numerous bowls and dishes.

Japanese Buddhist cuisine inside the grounds of
Tenryu-ji temple.

A bowl of sesame seeds to grind while waiting for
our meal at Katsukura restaurant.

Tea and dessert with moss garden.

Views to eat by.

My 60th birthday breakfast.

And 60th birthday dinner at Tempura Endo Yasaka.
We sat at the counter and watched as a single chef began
to batter and fry morsels of prawn, mountain vegetables and seafood, 
passing them to our plates with tongs and instructions about accompaniments.
At first there were just four of us in the room, 
but as more people gathered, sixteen in all, 
he continued to cook and serve in the correct order to each of us.
It was a complicated orchestration of food, but he never faltered.
Eventually he had help with serving the food at the far end of the counter.

A wonderful end to two fantastic weeks
of new sights, tastes and experiences.


  1. What a wonderful time you've had, Lucille - and what a way to spend a memorable birthday. Now I need to plan mine!

  2. As far removed from a bowl of porridge as it's possible to get . It does explain why they tend not to emigrate .

  3. Lucille, what a fabulous way to celebrate your birthday! You have been so generous to share the beauty of your Japanese journey with us.

    Today's views of the various table settings and menu offerings were another reminder of the elegance of very old traditions, and how that elegance has been incorporating the passage of time. I guess it's another sort way to measure time. Beautifully. xo

  4. Oh. my goodness, but this post has been wonderful. Such a visual treat for us and what an amazing couple of weeks for you Birthday Girl.

  5. Was that your best ever birthday? I think it would have been mine.


  6. Happy birthday, Lucille. Thank you for inviting us along to the festivities!

  7. I can almost taste your photos. Those swan plates are quite wonderful!