Monday 14 April 2014


The black-eared kite wheeling and diving over our heads -

 a painting on silk in our machiya in Kyoto.

A heron biding its time on the Kamogawa river -

the red-crowned crane at the entrance to Nijo castle.

The Emperor's picnic set from the 19th century
 in Horyu-ji treasures galleries of the National Museum Tokyo -

a hanami picnic party in Shinjuku park.
This one was very civilised and in fact our bags were searched 
for alcohol as we went in. 
Later on in Ueno park
the blue plastic sheets were spread with less regard to
cherry blossom viewing and a little more to . . .

sake barrels donated to the Meiji shrine Tokyo.

The rather tasteful mini-bar in our hotel room.


  1. I am enjoying your photographs and commentary so very much. Please do keep these post going for as long as it pleases you. I will be delighted to see more and more and more.

    Many thanks! xo

  2. I've never been to Japan and am thoroughly enjoying your pictures; especially the birds! Thank you for taking us along with you.

  3. It looks like you have had an amazing trip and have seen some beautiful places. You caught the cherry blossom season. Looking forward to seeing more photographs, through your eyes and what caught your attention.
    I was wondering if you returned home to a good show of flowers, hope so. And thank you, yes things are improving, scary when it is your eyes as you know.