Friday, 12 April 2013

Not our cat

The approach.

The closer inspection.

Turn on charm.

The sizing up for comfort.

 The cautious elevation.

Look no claws.

Attain cushioned seat.
Successful completion of Stage 1.

The prospect.

The polite hesitation on threshold.

Successful completion of Stage 2.

Abandon caution.

 Locate kitchen.

Locate pantry.

Double check pantry.

Check exit.

Miscalculate old woman's agility.

The return visit next day.
Door open.

Block doorway.

Appear on blog.
Successful completion of Stage 3.


  1. Stage 4 - moving in completely and stealing hearts?

    That is a beautiful creature.

  2. I was thinking EXACTLY the same as toffeeapple. What an appealing cat. Have you bought in some treats yet? Go on............ you KNOW you want to..........

  3. Move house quick, and take that lovely creature with you before the owners notice!

    1. Sorely tempted. Third visit was at the kitchen window miaowing plaintively. But he has a collar and bell so presumably someone would miss him.

  4. I am not a natural cat fan, but that kitty is a real cutie...very photogenic. However, since I also saw that collar, I figure that he's got another home somewhere.

    Do your neighbors see your blog? If not, perhaps the next stage is to post a physical image of one of your charming photos around your neighborhood. I've heard that some cats do like to go on extended leaves of absence from their homes. Wanderers.


  5. I particularly like the 'Locate kitchen' and 'Locate pantry' stages. And I have always been a sucker for ginger cats. And of course it all reminds me of Six Dinner Sid: maybe he's read that and taken it to heart.

  6. My sister's cat used to belong to the neighbours. He is a beautiful Russian Blue. He used to visit the neighbourhood houses, and 'share' their cat's food. He soon acquired the name, Mooch, so they kept the name when they were given the cat. He's so lovely.
    You are a very welcoming cat neighbour, but he also seems very sweet :)

  7. What a cutie. Is he actually hungry or just scrounging? You could get one of those barrel tags and write a message on the paper insert and attach it to his collar just to make sure he's cared for.

    1. Yes I wondered about doing something like that. I'm not sure how I would word it without sounding a bit interfering. I haven't actually fed him yet.

  8. I came back here to show my other half these photos of this beautiful cat and now I am also remembering the story of "Six Dinner Sid"............... and smiling.

  9. Lovely cat. How could you resist giving him/her a few Dreamies?

  10. The cat knew you would................... :O)

    1. Small quantity of crunchie did not go down well. Rather the opposite in fact. Now feel terribly guilty. It must have a delicate stomach.

  11. What a handsome gentleman caller! (Or lady caller, as the case may be.)