Thursday, 25 April 2013

Bare knuckled 2

Every fourth year, 
the council sends along a team to pollard 
the London Plane trees that line our road.
The first year they did it, I was appalled at the brutal result,
but plane trees recover quickly.
They are well suited to city life.

Me? Not so much these days. 


  1. I haven't been suited to city living for many a long year.

    I must look out for Plane trees, I love the bark on them.

  2. Lucille, thank you for these fine photographs. I remember seeing London Plane trees mentioned in novels years ago, well before I ever actually saw one of the trees. Another revelation was seeing my first ever Monkey Puzzle tree.

    Best wishes from a city dweller who's also sometimes ambivalent about cities.

  3. I like the title of this post, so appropriate to your photos. Worcester City Council have been filling the recent sunny days with the sound of chainsaws and woodchippers as they fell the large (ash I think) trees which I like to look at from our back windows.

  4. I'm sure they have their reasons, but I loathe seeing pollarded trees - they just look mutilated.

    Time to move soon?

  5. I agree , they look silly . But it may be a better approach than our council's , which is to chop down any tree that looks as though it might be feeling well-established and settled .

  6. I've always thought I'd like to live in the country. But maybe 62 isn't the age to start. And I need to be where our offspring can easily reach us. But...

  7. A lot of people do that to their trees here. I suppose it is better than chopping them down. Somehow, they end up looking like shrubs rather than trees, though. Somewhat of a demotion, no?