Tuesday 1 May 2012

Two observations during a short walk

On the way there -
three people ahead of me,
a girl flanked by two men.
The girl, by far the tallest of the three,
suddenly bounced up,
tugged a branch
and showered cherry blossom on us all.

On the way back -
as I made my way down the stairs 
into the railway underpass,
an elderly, impeccably outfitted gentleman 
waited at the bottom.
As I arrived, he beamed approvingly at me
and said as if to a very small child,*
'Well done! Good feet eh?'

And now, 
the flowers.

* or, as it just now occurs to me,
to an old lady. Hmm.


  1. A post from May?

    1. Yes a freakish appearance at the top of the blog. No idea how that happened. You must have thought I'd moved to the southern hemisphere!

  2. So where are you now? If in June, is it still raining?

  3. I am definitely back in November. It all got a bit surreal there for a minute. I'm surprised anyone caught it!