Tuesday, 1 May 2012


I squished my way down the path 

at the first glimpse of the errant sun,

 to inhale the chlorophyll saturated air.

April, May and June have
been washed up and
dumped in the garden together.
Now I wait for the tide to recede
and for my socks to dry out.


  1. gosh your columbines are early!
    lovely photos.

  2. You've got cowslips! Oh my...... HOW lucky are you?!

  3. Just the same here: first hint of sun and everything just leaps up, smiling.

  4. When I saw your first picture I thought it was a triumph and then, I scrolled down...

    I have two blooms on my Granny Bonnets and they are pink and cream - last year they were blue and white...

  5. Such beauty! I love how it all looks natural and a little wild/stumbled upon.

  6. What a beautiful way to begin a day!

  7. Your title reminds me of that Hopkins poem about leaves 'shooting lovely and lush'- or something like that. Your columbines are early -mine are chasing them. Cowslips along the footpaths round here and lots on the roadside as I drove to Oxfordshire yesterday.

    The spellcheck tells me I have spelt reminds incorrectly -why?

  8. Such wonderful photographs, I could smell the fresh air just looking at them.

  9. Would you please send some of your extra rain our way?

  10. My garden is green and that's it - nothing anywhere near flowering - except for the odd forget-me-not - lucky you. Trouble is it is so darned wet I feel as though I have lost a month not being able to get out and do a bit- hey ho!

  11. Such was our spring last year. Ugh. This year is shaping up to be much kinder to an already damp soul (me).