Thursday 31 May 2012

A stand-in day

Summer ... is here at last.
That is to say, she was here yesterday 
and she will probably be back again tomorrow.
Today is one of those nondescript bits of weather 
which she leaves behind in her stead 
when she wants to play truant;
like that pathetic creature, the "stand-in",
who takes the place of a film actress during the tedious hours
while the electricians are adjusting the lights,
and who never appears in the finished film at all.
She may spend more time on the set than the actress herself,
but no record is made of her; just as nobody remembers afterwards
those in-between days, cold grey and gusty,
which do not fit in with our conventional idea of summer;
though there may be fifty of them between May and September.*


I hope the star comes back soon.
There are parties to attend.

* Out of Doors by Jan Struther 


  1. Ah, yes... we even get stand in days in France. I suppose today was one of them here, too. We remember our summers as being continuous sunshine, but of course they aren't. I do hope the star comes to visit you for your parties! I gather our English cross-town neighbours are expecting her at their French Jubilee celebration.

  2. Lucille, you have SUCH a way with words. I love your writing. Wonderful post, as ever... x

  3. Ah yes, yesterday and today...
    Pretty roses.