Tuesday 22 May 2012

The shop with the yellow AGA

My candles and I had an outing last weekend.
Going Shopping has never been so much fun.
Luckily someone else was in charge of the cash register.
All I had to do was lean against the yellow AGA
and pass the time of day with the customers.


  1. I love that shop from afar at a mere glimpse of it. Your friend with the yellow Aga has exquisite sensibilities. They are your buttons at the back as well as your candles?

  2. I would have just stood and stroked that Aga. And sighed.

  3. Very pretty shop. I hope you did well with your candles, too.

  4. I hope that, by leaning on the yellow AGA, you managed to hide it and the awful orange casserole dish, brandishing a suitably neutral cape,or some-such?

    Your candles look very pretty.