Tuesday 29 May 2012

Readers' queries

You may pose by a rose
in pale linen
but this is the only outfit I can recommend 

if you plan to eat Bolognese.

Mise - was this the aqua outfit you were wearing for Brunch?
In which case all is forgiven.


  1. Hi. I enjoyed the video of the ladies matching their kitchens...well 'enjoyed' may not be the word :) It goes with that quote from My Big Fat Greek Wedding when the mother says, "The man may be the head of the household, but the woman is the neck. She can turn the head any way she wants."
    The sun series was lovely. I'm going to make it last today too, because we are in for another extended period of rain, rain, rain.

  2. Ah, Lucille, I hadn't realised you are taking readers' queries. Can you tell me whether those expensive face creams are worth the money? My husband, habitué of many airports, keeps buying me some but I have taken to discouraging this as it goes against my non-luxe ethic. Will I regret this when I'm 90?

    (I have many more questions.)

  3. Send them to me. I am rapidly approaching 90 and full of regret.

  4. In my sad recent experience, there is nothing you should wear while attempting to open a bottle of apple and beetroot juice. Especially not a new and favoured tshirt that has a big bow printed on it, in which I fondly imagine I look like Minnie Mouse. Now, it just looks like a blood-stained mess.

  5. Beetroot has a lot to answer for. If only I had taken my own advice this evening. Pale grey linen with pink spots on. Tragic.

  6. That was another question I was meaning to ask you about those fancy new sprays that remove Unwanted Stains from garments, the simply spray on and wait 10 minute ones. Well, they seem to work very well but give me a great sense of unease. Is this unease justified?

  7. Thank you for your prompt answer........ I shall have to get myself one of those fetching outfits....

  8. I have good news: I soaked the beetroot stained tshirt in a solution of soda crystals for about an hour and then washed it - and it's fine. Try that with your linen maybe? It wouldn't mind the soda crystals; the only things you can't soak in them are silk and wool.