Tuesday, 31 May 2011


It is perhaps fortunate, 

that the people who monitor

haven't seen 

my opium poppy crop.

By happy co-incidence 
this article gives me a neat tie in
to yesterday's post, 
brought to you from
a field near Didcot power station.


  1. How nice to meet you here, Lucille, and find your considered blog. It's for "reining in this bolting life" you wisely say, and how nicely you've put that - an element of reporting on the small things of life keeps pace with life itself and does it no injustice. Another glass of that elderflower cordial for me now, please.

  2. Well just look at your poppies! Ours are not nearly as "far on" as yours. What a beautiful field near Didcot power station. A stunning sight, than you for the detour.......

  3. Glorious poppies! Thanks for letting us see them. I won't let on to the citric acid police.

  4. Aren't your Poppies glorious? And the field near Didcot power station is, too.
    We'll keep your secret safe, don't worry.

  5. Certainly evidence of an unhealthy interest in beautifully coloured wild flowers . Obviously suspect !

  6. It's a good thing you are keeping all of this under wraps!

  7. I know I can rely on your discretion.