Friday 6 May 2011

Being Miss Marple

Midsummer by Albert Moore.
Warm isn't it? More like July than May.
I could have done with someone fanning me in the train today.

I went to see The Cult of Beauty at the V&A last week.
I can't remember much about it because I seethed my way round.
The following exchange at the ticket desk is to blame
for my ugly mood.
Me to man at desk.
'Please could I have a £12 ticket?'
(Full price.)
Man looks up.
'Twelve tickets?' he says incredulously.
'Are you mad?' he didn't say, but his face did.
'No, I just need one £12 ticket please.'
Man looks back at screen.
'Actually - £9,' he says firmly.
(Concessionary price.)
'Oh. OK. Thank you,' I say through a rictus grin.
Because what was I supposed to do?
He clearly knew better than I do, how old I am.
A queue was forming and an argument about my real age
would have been unseemly and ridiculous.

So - I gather that granny chic is all the thing
and I am going to embrace it.
Go with the flow.
Give up the battle.
Roll on 60.
Being Miss Marple is the way forward.
I went shopping and bought this

and this.
 I was going to model it but then I decided
I didn't want you all lining up to agree with the man on the desk.
Clearly the cream isn't working.


  1. I can't forget the day when a very young (but fully qualified) electrician asked me if I had any grandchildren! I keep telling myself that he must have a very young mother.

  2. Ten years ago, both aged 47, my friend and I were asked for our bus passes when trying to buy cinema tickets. This year, approaching my 58th birthday, a (different) friend asked if it were a "special" birthday. I know it's only 2 years to away but I was really upset. Then I look in the mirror . . .

  3. Yeesh! We had a senior's rate at the tulip festival, but I never assumed. Heck, if they wanted to pay 50 cents less they would tell ME!
    And Miss Marple is awfully clever under that granny chic disguise.

  4. Don't be too affronted. What is worse is when, just before your holiday weight gain prompts you to buy bigger clothes, someone asks you delightedly when your baby is due.... (when this happened to me, I was probably about about half of the weight I am now!)