Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Losing weight

The house. Not me.
I reckon it needs to lose about 2 lbs per week
for about five years
or it's never going to be slim enough
to downsize.

Slow but sure is the way.
A bag here and a bag there,
that old mirror, that jug, that bowl,
down to the charity shop,
little and often,
that's the modest goal.

But there will be sticking points,
plateaux reached,
avoirdupois impossible to lose,
infant works of art, boxes of letters,
the rocking horse - dear Banner -

the grand piano. 

Our house wears the equivalent of magic knickers,
everything is very compactly,
stashed away.
But once released from tight cupboards and tiny drawers,
(no pun intended),
the overspill will be an ugly 
and depressing sight.

And I have to confess to a slight 
loosening of the stays
at the weekend, a small weight gain.

But I'll make up for it,
I'm back in control.
A sacrifice is called for,
I've my eye on the ball.

It's time to blow the whistle
on the beautiful game.

The diet can take the blame.


  1. Did you hear an "oof!" over the miles? That's the noise I made when I saw your new acquisitions from the weekend...... how very, very beautiful............

  2. how can one ever part with a rocking horse?!

  3. I love your whimsical approach - and the bowls will bring you joy, so are they not worth trading the football table for? Oh, but the piano must stay!

  4. Blogger ate my comments in that mishap so I'll just tell you that I love the bowls and please do keep the piano!