Sunday 28 February 2010


A mouse sauntered across the kitchen floor
while we were having lunch today.

Possibly related to this one
found in the garden last year
and uncannily tame.


  1. Is that 'uncannily tame' mouse being fed treats? It obviously spread the word.

  2. oh, my ... they are cute but a nuisance in the house

  3. We have them in the house here too........... the cat is obviously not earning his keep........

    I knew all the words to the song.....

  4. Rachael We did give it some bird seed and a cosy nest in a box, then found it had died...
    S.E We haven't seen it again but may have to' take measures' as we haven't got a cat anymore. Although see below for ineffectiveness of cats.
    MM And have you got it on your brain now? Sorry.