Wednesday 3 February 2010

Advice from Laura, Lady Troubridge

Following yesterday's rather dubious suggestion
for a simple supper,
Running a House without Help
offers this, in the chapter entitled Good Health for Mind and Body:


Never be afraid. Be sad and sorry sometimes, 
because we must all be that way now and then. 
Be perplexed because life is not all plain-sailing. 
But never let life be too much for you. 
It won't if you take as your motto these three words 
which I'll repeat again:
Never be afraid.
Imagine yourself equal to any and every call 
that can be made upon you. 
Instead of seeing yourself mentally as poor, small, defeated and inadequate, 
it's just as easy to see yourself as adequate, conquering,
 doing and being all the things you wish to do and be.

Never let such words as "things always go wrong with me" or 
" it seems I can't do anything right" get into your brain, 
and so emerge on your lips.

I looked her up. 
Here she is aged about 14 in 1880. 
Portrait by George Frederick Watts.

She was the wife of the 4th baronet and a writer of romantic novels 
and books on etiquette.
One of these is on its way, because it has a beautiful cover.


  1. Now that I can go along with - wasn't too enamoured of the sheeps brains!

  2. This is a sparkling,wonderful quotation offering comfort during those challenging times. Thanks.

  3. i can agree with this ... sheep brains ... not so much

  4. Yes I'm sorry about the sheep. I didn't mean to be controversial, but just observing how times have changed.

  5. Have you been to the Watts Gallery in Compton in Surrey? It's closed for restoration at the moment but well worth a visit along with the Watts cemetery chapel designed and built by Mary Watts - a real gem.

    Actually, I admit to having eaten sheep's brains once in a restaurant many years ago in Romania - and they were delicious!

  6. No I haven't but it's on the list now thank you.