Monday 15 February 2010


I've had quite enough
of sloshing about in sleety rain in my sabots.
I've had it with 
scurrying from car fug to shop warmth,
low energy lightbulbs,
peering out a grimy grey skies,
emptying gritty ash from grates,
shivering in the shower,
hunching my shoulders,
scarfing my neck,
hatting my head,
gloving my hands.

The Toast spring catalogue has arrived.
Cue sunshine
and weather girls
forecasting sensible centigrades
in double digits.

Sixteen would suffice.


  1. Petal,
    Loathe as I am to curb your youthful exuberance, should you be "sloshing about in sleety rain in my sabots"?

    Health and safety issues could be raised.
    Maybe joining a rifle club would give outlet to these urges?

  2. I couldn't agree more........ However, I do love to see pollarded trees in the winter. Our local crematorium has them around the perimeter and they look stunning against the leaden skies we have had recently......

  3. Right now toast would suffice. Suggestible or what - TOAST in CAPITAL letters and I'm positively Pavlovian rushing straight into the kitchen for some buttered indulgence!
    Word verification - cry out! - for warmth and toast I say!

  4. "Scurrying from car fug(?) to warmth, low energy lightbulbs..."

    Really enjoy your poetry. Winter does not want to let go in Ontario either...