Sunday 31 January 2010

Virginia and I talk interior design

Virginia, March 13th 1921, 
outlining a frenetic schedule of work and travels, 
announces en passant,

'tomorrow I distemper the kitchen rose pink & leaf green.'

Exactly what I intend to do in our kitchen 
although nobody knows this yet.
There is already a pink wall

but perhaps V.W had something paler in mind.

 It is the introduction of a leaf green 
that I would like to discuss with her.
I don't suppose it took her long to choose the colour. 
Even in the sixties and seventies when my father 
was in charge of all the decorating
the colour swatches were pretty limited.
Primrose yellow, magnolia and brilliant white featured prominently 
and I think there was a green called eau-de-nil 
and a pale blue called forget-me-not,
but now one is expected to be much more discriminating.

Farrow and Ball offer Arsenic, Saxon, Folly and Cooking Apple.
I can't countenance Arsenic near food,
so it would have to be Cooking Apple
 (bottom) but is that leafy enough?
Maybe the Lovatt jug on the shelf holds the key.


  1. "Distempering" sounds soooo much more romantic than "painting", doesn't it? Your jug IS talking to you.... but then I would say that after my last blog post, wouldn't I? Thank you very much for your comment, I really appreciate it. Loving investigating your blog and devouring your beautiful photos.

  2. yes ... distempering ... what a great word for change in color ... the pitchers on the shelf are intriguing