Wednesday 20 January 2010

Heads up

A curious expression, used by my sons,
meaning I think, to give me fair warning
or notice of something.

Well, this is a heads up
of a new item in my wardrobe of headers.
We inherited some original tiles in our bathroom.
The grouting isn't pristine
and the tiles are crazed,
but I love the green flower 
that pops up randomly.


  1. Dear Lucille,
    I am glad you liked the Kathleen Raine poem - and glad it led me to your blog. I shall enjoy exploring it - love the carrots already!
    x Elspeth

  2. Like it - like it a lot - thanks for the heads up - you'll be 'pushing the envelope' and 'thinking outside the box' soon with some 'blue skies thinking' thrown in - when did we all stop making sense?

  3. I like this new header - it references your home and light that fills your photos and seems to capture the essence of your blog.

  4. Thank you. That's helpful to hear. I like it too and will leave it alone now for a while.