Monday 18 January 2010



will always need emptying.


will always need cleaning.

will always need putting on,

and drying

and ironing

and putting away.


will always need repainting.

Crumbs will always need sweeping up.

Dishes will always need

drying up.

Dishwashers will always need stacking.

Beds will always need making.

I should be glad while they will.
I may rail against the repetitiveness of these tasks,
but humdrum is vastly underrated.

By the by, has anyone read this?

And this, found at Elspeth Thompson's site.

                                                      I BELIEVE NOTHING
I believe nothing – what need
Surrounded as I am with marvels of what is,
This familiar room, books, shabby carpet on the floor,
Autumn yellow jasmine, chrysanthemums, my mother’s flower,
Earth-scent of memories, daily miracles,
Yet media-people ask, “Is there a God?”
What does the word mean
To the fish in his ocean, birds
In his skies, and stars?
I only know that when I turn in sleep
Into the invisible, it seems
I am upheld by love, and what seems is
Inexplicable here and now of joy and sorrow,
This inexhaustible, untidy world -
I would not have it otherwise.
by Kathleen Raine

* original post edited because my mawkishness monitor went off.