Monday 4 January 2010

Sun spots

We have lived in our house for about 17 years.
It sits on a South East /North West axis.
The front of the house though south facing, is shaded by tall trees, 
the back is more open but the sun arcs along the western boundary 
of the garden for most of the year 
and rarely penetrates far into the house
because unfortunately the rooms on that side are, shall we say, 'utilitarian'.

But just once in a while, the sun strikes the house in a new and extraordinary manner.
It takes a felicitous combination of season, time of day, weather condition and
my deliberate observation to see this.
It has taken 17 years for me to notice what happened yesterday.
The sun was visible at a much lower elevation than usual,
directly opposite the house 
in a gap between terraced houses, 
made by a side road.

One tree was resplendent 
for 18 minutes.
This is its moment in the sun.

I might never see it again.

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