Monday 9 February 2009

Job Title

So next time someone wants to know my occupation,
I think I have the definitive answer.


  1. Perfect! :o) Is that a book cover? If so have you read it and is it good?

  2. Yes it's a book I found in a secondhand shop years ago. My edition was published in 1964 but judging from the illustrations it looks more like a product of the 50s. It's not very good, no! But it is quite funny - full of expressions like 'snakes alive!', and ' Joan is nothing but a jellyfish'. We'd call it all very Jolly Hockey sticks here.

  3. Ha!... at least you got a good laugh out of it. :o) I love old books and often just search for ones that have nice old bindings when I'm in the secondhand shops... I love to display them as decor... I think they are so nice and homey looking.