Wednesday 25 February 2009

Anyone for tennis...

...squash, badminton, cricket, lacrosse, hockey, boxing, rugby, table tennis, fishing, trampolining, swimming, running, football, baseball,cycling, fencing, rowing, sailing?

An audit of the understairs cupboard, the garage and a little used umbrella stand,
unearthed evidence of all of the above sports having been tried, 
and largely abandoned.
My display  represents only a fraction of the equipment that has been bought over the years.
None of it was wasted. 
We may not have been the sportiest of families, but at least we had a go 
and had some pretty good fun too.
The fishing may well be resurrected, sailing is on the cards this summer 
for one of us in Turkey
and I have started running again.
  Walking is still loved by the whole family

and table football, a wild purchase for Christmas 2002
has been a source of endless hilarity, 
even though I do sometimes bemoan its bulk 
in what would otherwise be quite an elegant room.

It stands silent this colourless mid-afternoon, 
like all the things in Where's Patsy?,
waiting for people to come home from work in New York,
school and university.

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