Friday 6 February 2009

Funny farm

Chad Valley produced this plywood interlocking jigsaw,
 many many years ago.
And I have just whiled away a happy time putting it together 
while ignoring the icy sleet
 and pushing a few bothersome thoughts to the back of my mind.

So there I am feeding the hens outside my barn with 
Planning Permission for conversion into
 a modernist extension to the traditional farmhouse.
Kevin is lurking in the background agonising about my budget
and I've got HFW busy with the hayrick 
in exchange for some trout fishing in the river that you can't quite see.
My husband hasn't quite got the hang of horse riding and
I'm a little worried about the cows,
 either they are miniatures or I've got some monstrous ducks.
The dung pile by the teeny weeny pond is just plain slovenly.
And where are my pigs? 
I promised Jamie I'd give them Sudoku puzzles. 


  1. *smile*... you're so funny... *smile*

    great imagination... my boys would love this... and I wouldn't mind doing it a time or two myself, as well!

    Those do look like monstrous ducks... hmmm...

  2. Haha... no, I don't have a clue who your talking about... I just loved the way you blogged about that puzzle. :o)