Monday 4 June 2018

Kettle's Yard revisited

Cornelia Parker drew on the windows with chalk.

Kettle's Yard in Cambridge, one of my favourite places,
has reopened after two years with new galleries, shop and café.
The experience once inside is much the same (and it's still free)
but instead of being able to just turn up and ring at the door
you have to pre-arrange a slot and wait to be collected 
and taken through to the house at ten minute intervals 
which somehow spoils the informality of the original arrangement.

Antony Gormley was hanging around.

He looked a little dejected in one corner of the gallery.
Perhaps he missed the old Kettle's Yard too.

Here's my homage.


  1. I did enjoy your visit,thank you for not making me walk around with you. 😀

  2. Dejected yes, but rather appealing.
    In need of a hug?

  3. Are you escorted through? And ten minutes? I think I may just remember it the way it was. And like you make my own homage.

    1. No you listen to a short introduction in the entrance and then can wander freely but the trouble is that when the bell rings ten minutes later for the next batch to be admitted you need to have moved out of the way so that they can come in to the ground floor which is quite small. After that you can spend as long as you like there. There are guides in the rooms but they aren't obtrusive and will answer any questions because the house is mercifully unlabelled. You can still sit in any of the chairs.

  4. What a fascinating place... I'm desperate to touch those smooth pebbles in the bowl!

  5. Oh I used to love visiting Kettle's Yard when I lived in Cambridge, one of my favourite places.

  6. Lovely pictures. I keep promising myself an outing.