Monday 25 June 2018

Running away

First to Greenwich Park where we took in a photographic exhibition
at The National Maritime Museum -
The Great British Seaside.

I have never known the lime blossom to be more
blissful and poignant.
There was a whole avenue of it to drink in.

That along with privet blossom is the scent of childhood summers.

And then today when the kerfuffle and cacophony reached its apogee
with the arrival of more scaffolding and men with nail guns,
we went to Igtham Mote.
But even that was too noisy for comfort so we set off
(at midday) on one of the estate trails.

Unfortunately we timed our arrival back home with the work still in full swing,
and the music on the roof had increased in volume with our absence.
Someone had brought along their own playlist.
Bobby Darin was an improvement on talk radio but

my first choice for the scaffolders would have been

I think it was the first pop song I ever heard.

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