Thursday 14 June 2018

Advanced blokeish

My blokeish was severely tested this morning
 with the onset of the World Cup.
Thankfully I'd had time to acquire a few holding phrases
about the sacking of the Spanish manager
and I knew that Russia were playing Saudi Arabia today.
I also remembered to ask about the burnt out starter motor on his van.
Our roofer assured me that he would be home by 4 
to watch the opening game
but he was so voluble that I lost the drift after that 
and had to excuse myself with a parting shot about Robbie Williams.
Weak I know, but as I am also trying to learn some Japanese
for grand daughter's pre-school teacher this afternoon
my vocab is getting a little muddled.

The song of the moment on the roof is just the first line of 
Everybody Loves Somebody. On repeat.

O-skare Sama deshta


  1. As much as I love Dean Martin, the thought of this being repeated again and again makes me cringe.

    I cannot speak blokeish at all unless it relates to motorbikes, but I must be out of touch with these by now.

  2. Gold star for blokeish I'd say! I can relate to your song line on repeat - we had an event on the village green yesterday involving a fairground organ which played all day and was audible from all parts of the village. An eclectic selection of music including ragtime, 'a whiter shade of pale' and the theme to Titanic - but all sounded exactly the same.