Friday, 25 May 2018

Chasing my tail

It has been a particularly good year for hawthorn

and pink campion.

The foxcubs - there are three this year 
don't be fooled by this tender only-child scene -
have trampled happily over most of the emerging plants in the garden,
but the runner beans have a bamboo barricade 
which has survived their predations, 
I'd better go and check.

Yes. It's working.
And while I was out there I managed a little garbage collection.
The new game is scattering other people's refuse
all over the garden.
We have a handy new recycling system which separates out
the food waste into smaller bins for the foxes' better convenience.


  1. My Hawthorn hedge has flowered for the first time this year; I probably had it planted about twenty years ago.

    You have my sympathy about the Foxes but I also envy you because they are so beautiful.

  2. I know how Smitonius feels about 'their' foxes and the presents of full nappy bags and hamburger leftovers. Perhaps I'd rather have a hedgehog after all.

  3. sorry about the scattered garbage, but how wonderful to have not fairies, but foxes, at the bottom of the garden!

  4. You have my sympathies - badgers are the bane of my allotment. However cute they may look, as far as I'm concerned their place is in the woods where their sett is - not digging up stuff and pooing on my allotment. On the other hand, I do love seeing them and the foxes out and about.

  5. Ah yes, nature and gardening: not compatible...

  6. If only you could train the foxes to eat slugs... two problems solved at once! Although your beans look remarkably slug-free Lucille. Gorgeous May flowers... poppies still look fabulous horizontal.

  7. I know those foxes must be a nuisance for you but I was still amazed to see them in your garden!
    The photos of your flowers, oh my goodness, they are beautiful.