Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Reality check

We've been enjoying some beautiful gardens.
This one at Scotney Castle

with its stunning display of acers, azaleas

and rhododendrons

and of course Sissinghurst too with
the white wisteria just opening.

I took note of a pairing of smoke bush

and alliums, underplanted with a pale pink persicaria 
and thought I could do something similar at home.

But the fox cubs had other ideas.
These are the ones I salvaged.

 I thought of Freda and her deer-munched tulips
and all the other people working against the clock, the climate and the critters
to get their gardens ready for public display this summer.


  1. Beautiful gardens. Can't wait to get the energy to be out in the garden.

  2. Gorgeous gardens! I bet the scents were wonderful especially in the warmth. My alliums haven't appeared at all and I have no fox cubs (or goats) to blame... Yours look beautiful in that jug though.

  3. Looks like it was a perfect day for visiting Scotney's garden. As for the damaged plants, it's too bad some critters feel the need to chew rather than view.

    1. It's the stomping and pouncing that does for the plants at this time of year. We've had to put a bamboo barricade around the runner beans.

  4. I'd rather like to have a fox cub bouncing about on the balcony. Or a smallish deer would be nice instead.

  5. Oh Sissinghurst! You're so lucky being within visiting range!!!

  6. Gorgeous. I was at Kew recently - rhododendrons just coming out but I was maybe a week too early, thought the tulips were still lovely. I haven't been to Scotney Castle in - decades!