Monday, 7 May 2018

Hold the front page

This Bank Holiday weekend delivered spring and early summer
all rolled into one glorious extravaganza.

The beach,

deserted and sandy for once, raked of its usual shingle layer.




Other people's gardens,

open to the public under the National Garden Scheme.

Walks, with dodgy overgrown footpaths
and equally dodgy directions from an ancient guide book
but a bonus discovery

of an abandoned orchard, like a scene from The Secret Garden

with a mysterious gazebo in the middle of nowhere.

 Foliage colour to rival that of autumn
but with added zing and zest,

and finally, a rare treat, the handkerchief tree 
Davidia involucrata in flower
to wave us on our way home.


  1. I hardly know what to say... so much joy in one post! That first picture especially... And the bench...
    It has been glorious here too. The start of a fabulous summer I hope!

  2. It's just glorious out there at the moment isn't it. I do love to see round other people's gardens, they put so much hard work into making things beautiful. That wisteria is gorgeous, one of my favourite things. The old orchard is absolutely delightful, what a find. Glad you had a good weekend. CJ xx

  3. '...all rolled into one glorious extravaganza.' You certainly did it justice with your wonderful photos, thank you!

  4. orchard and gazebo, and what became of the house to go with them? Curiouser and curiouser

  5. I like the Handkerchief tree particularly.