Tuesday 25 April 2017


 just to stand still.

 Although this cold spell may stem the advancing tide a little,
the alliums are opening and the irises too.
Daily postings required to keep the record in order.

As someone cheerily pointed out on the radio this morning,
only eight weeks until the nights start drawing in.

This little one is away on tour.
Such is the life of a Thespian's child.
She has already had her first speaking part on the radio.


  1. Do tell about the radio début?

    My Irises are just about making it known that they shall flower this year.

  2. Glorious bluebell woods, everything is so full of life right now. A radio part and a tour, a life of adventure I think! CJ xx

  3. Never tire of photos of bluebells. A star in the family?

  4. Aren't the bluebells fabulous this year? Yours look a deeper colour than ours. The picture of the little one running brings back such a feeling of freedom...

  5. I think all flowers should be blue ... except for when I think all flowers should be yellow , or crimson .
    Is the little one rehearsing for a remake of The Sound of Music ?

  6. I hope our thespian's child (due October) won't be doing a lot of touring. On the other hand, the thespian needs to work...

    1. Is this breaking news Pam or did I miss something? A fourth grandchild...how wonderful. But yes, an unpredictable career.