Thursday 13 April 2017

Tulip time

Inspired by the school of not-doing-things-by-halves
as exemplified by this garden
and many others

I decided last year to have a cutting patch for tulips.

When it came to actually paying for them and considering the effort
of planting such quantities of bulbs,

I reverted to type and managed only half a bed,
amounting to about forty tulips.
These I have been mightily pleased with however.

I supplemented my vases with some taken from Great Dixter.
Not stolen I hasten to add.
They were being sold for £1 a bunch.
I passed one of my old pound coins to them.
They have to be used up by October 15th.

At Kew they have planted a tulip meadow.
It's very effective but I'm not sure if they intended them
to be in flower at the same time as the pink blossom above.
Everything is so early this year.

And finally a display at a Spring Flower show,
the three identical blooms in a vase category.

I didn't enter.

Maybe next year.

Post script:

lovely even as they faded.


  1. Just gorgeous. Another reminder to actually plant lots this year, instead of forgetting it at the crucial time. As you do.

  2. I saw some beautiful creamy lemon and melon pink ones in a nearby garden yesterday but talked myself out of stealing a few ...

  3. You will know I am envious (the deer ate mine!).

  4. I loved your comment about NOT having a blog called Useless and Ugly! Such gorgeousness of tulipry.