Thursday 6 April 2017

If it's Wednesday it must be Milwaukee

Brilliant sign sent by son from Milwaukee airport.
He was surely in urgent need of this facility 
as he hurtled around the USA for his work this last week. 
His thirtieth birthday was spent in transit.

Some recombobulating needed here too as I
  think back to his first emerging in Arrivals.
His Emergency emergence indeed
after spending far too long in transit!

My own birthday was spent in hospital with him 
where time stood still in a private room miraculously provided
by the NHS and filled with early Sweet Peas by my mother.

We brought him home after five days, in a carry cot
strapped onto the back seat of the car.
I remember that they gave me the little tin foil bowl
that they used to 'top and tail' him at bath time.
I clung to that bowl like a talisman until it wore out
and I realised that I would have to replace it with a bowl of my own
and that it would probably be alright.


  1. Oh yes ! How everyone but the baby and me seemed to know what they were doing .

  2. All airports should have one of those! Such an evocative post - you took me back with you. Happy Birthday to you both!

    (Have been having trouble lately leaving comments on your blog - it takes several attempts to go through, so apologies if you get the same comment three times...)

    1. Thank you for persevering Lotta. I wonder if anyone else has the same difficulty.

  3. My daughter keeps telling me to chill, but now I will be able to tell her that I am recombobulating instead. To me, it has a connotation of being more earned than chilling is. It's striking how, looking back, the really significant things in life are sweet peas, a bowl and of course a baby.

  4. What a lovely post and wonderful memories. I had my first one at home and I remember the midwives left a little foil bowl with some cotton wool balls in it on the mantelpiece, you have just reminded me. Love the sign, I could do with one of those round here. Hope you have a good weekend. CJ xx

  5. Lucille, this is a lovely post. May I send birthday wishes to you and your son...along with a thank you for the gift of recombobulation. xo

  6. I need a bit more than that to recombobulate me in an airport. Comfy chair, cup of tea, KitKat, good book... Happy birthday to son (and you).

  7. Gosh, that reminds me of my daughter's entry into this world - and, my reaction to it. I am not certain that I have quite adjusted after more than forty years.