Friday, 30 January 2015

Little Miss Sunshine

The one creature that really makes my jaw sag, 
that I find absolutely fascinating so much that
 I can hardly stop looking at it is a nine month old human baby.
The rate at which it grows. The rate at which it learns. 
The rate at which it acquires words.
I mean, human babies are the most extraordinary of all creatures.
They are the most complex.
To me, nothing compares to it.

Sir David Attenborough aged 88.

Five months old is already pretty jaw-dropping.


  1. I'm with Sir David - and you. She is quite lovely!

  2. What an absolutely adorable sweetie!

    I love this photograph. It has such a gentle happiness and brings a smile to my face. Those five months seem to have sped past.


  3. I so agree with Sir David A. Babies are endlessly fascinating to me - perhaps that is why I had four of them mysellf?
    I look forward to being a grandmother someday.
    She is so sweet and smart looking in her cardigan.

  4. A lovely baby! Our grandson is now 20 months and from five months, as in this photo, he's not only learned to crawl but to walk, to run, to talk (well words, not whole sentences yet) and to feed himself and understand basic instructions. Yes, a human baby is the most extraordinary creature of all.

  5. How lovely she is, and how wonderful to have the perspective to appreciate her. I think perhaps I never quite saw my own 5 month old babies despite always being with them, because of the continual scutter of motherhood.

  6. Oh, be still my heart! She is gorgeous. I am mad about babies, so I agree with Sir David as well. What a lovely photo--and her sweater is just darling.

  7. What a very wise , twinkling little face !

  8. Oh, what bliss!

  9. She will break hearts one day methinks.

    Like Rebecca I like babies so much I just kept having them ... I only stopped at four because we were running out of house space.

  10. What a little cutie and the sweater is perfect. My own little granddaughter is not quite 2 months old and what a wonder she is.

  11. Wow -- she must be so much fun. and she does have a wise look. And I believe that what Mise says must be true -- how wonderful!

  12. So cute! It's wonderful being a granny.