Tuesday 13 January 2015

Origami wreath - by request

Take a square of origami paper
15cm x 15cm.
Yours will not have an unsightly crease in it.

Fold in half.

Open out.

Fold in half the other way.
Open out.

Fold in the top corners
like the roof of a house.

Fold up the bottom half
to meet the bottom of the roof.

Open out this fold.

Bring up this crease line so that it
meets the bottom of the roof.
Crease the new fold.

Turn it over.
Fold down the triangular flaps
over the shoulder of the roof.

Fold up the bottom over these flaps.

Fold in half from the point of the roof
to the middle of the bottom.
Make 18 of these.
It gets quicker.

Interlock the pieces each side
in the pockets formed by the folds.

Even better instructions here.
Origami does something funny to my brain.
I sometimes wonder if I should have been left-handed.
I sew hems from right to left.
Apparently that's wrong for a right-hander.


  1. Thank you very much for this excellent lesson...I am definitely going to give it a go. I am left-handed, and will let you know if I find making this wreath smooth sailing. Love all the little paper hats and boats and houses!


  2. I love the "yours will not have an unsightly crease "... You haven't seen my previous attempts at origami !
    An optician I went to years ago said she could tell when her patients should be left-handed . Apparently the way they used their eyes .... ?

    1. I must remember to ask my optician next time i go.

  3. You mean I should sew my hems from the left? How would that be possible? Oh dear, now I am confused.

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    2. It turns into the wreath from the post on January 7th.