Friday, 12 September 2014

The Playdough Basket

My mother gave me this basket when I was little.
Originally it was lined with a piece of quilted dressing gown
and filled with sewing things.
Somewhere along the way it lost its contents
and became the Playdough basket.

I still have the recipe for homemade playdough.

2 tbsps oil
2 cups plain flour
1 cup salt (that's the preservative
and makes it unpalatable)
2 cups water
4 tsps cream of tartar
food colouring

Cook gently for a few minutes.

I love playing with playdough.
I just need someone to play with.


  1. There's so much to look forward to !

  2. Playdough is wonderful stuff. Good for working with your hands and silencing the mind. Love it. xxx

  3. I want to sniff her. That new baby smell..................... heaven.

  4. Lucille, that is a beautiful dreamer. When I see such a peaceful, hopeful sight of a new little person, I am filled with good wishes for that tiny person and for the rest of us.

    (Before now, never knew that playdough could be made at home. As I open the door to 69 years old, is it too late to mix up a batch?)


    1. Never too late. And if it is today, Happy Birthday dear Frances.x

  5. Playdough time.... It will come, and surprisingly quickly too. Meantime, so many lovely times ahead to plan for your beautiful little grandchild.

  6. And did you cook your playdough creations in a slow oven, as we did, to preserve them? I wonder where mine are now.

    I can see that you are already the perfect grandmamma. If you need a new title, a grandmamma is called 'Mamó' in Irish.

    1. I do. How woud you be pronouncing that?

      No cooking involved except in a cold wooden oven, also awaiting its moment in the garage.

  7. I have been away...some sadness entered my life...but I am back to reading your beautiful blog and am so happy to see your sweet grandchild. My congratulations to everyone involved. I think she is a very lucky child to have such a creative Grandma. Playdough was always such a soothing thing to play with my charges.