Thursday 18 September 2014

Backward glance at blackberries

I can hardly bear to tear myself away from the warmth of the garden
but I fear I am getting behind, what with cleaning up post builders, 
redecorating the new window walls
and baby cuddling.
Blackberries must be recorded before it is too late
and we have all moved on to autumn leaves.

Baby bunting.

Cake. This Ottolenghi recipe Raspberry and Oat Bars,
somewhat like Nigella's Dream Bars, could have been made with
blackberry jam if I had made any.
I used the blackcurrant jam and some fresh raspberries instead.


  1. Blackberries and baby cuddling sounds absolutely blissful! If only our local council hadn't chosen now to vandalise our hedgerows...

  2. What an adorable little baby in amongst the blackberries.

  3. It has been a wonderful year for blackberries that's for sure - and what an adorable picture of the baby - I would want to be giving her oodles of cuddles too.

  4. Lucille, it's a joy to see this post with its freshness, beauty and sweetness. Thank you for taking the marvelous photographs that really capture a particularly wonderful time.


  5. Blackberry time - so wonderful. You pick and you pick, and you try to stop, because really you've picked enough and your arms are so scratched, but then there's always that big clump of them just over there......

    1. The best ones are guarded by fierce stinging nettles. This is a wholly unnecessary double defence.

  6. The baby, the berries.... could life be more beautiful? xxx

  7. Such a sweet little cuddle bundle. And the blackberries look pretty tasty too :)