Thursday 11 September 2014

Kitchen tour under cover

I am lucky to have a sizeable kitchen.
Size isn't everything though.
The work triangle is abysmal. 
The huge window is to blame.
Glorious though it is to have it centred on the best view of the garden,
it makes a U-shaped layout impossible
and as a galley it is too wide.
It is cold too being NW facing.
So cold, that we have belatedly bitten the bullet
and decided to get double glazed windows.
To the right of the window is a fridge and plastic box 
and baking tin cupboard.
Above the fridge is the inaccessible cupboard for
biscuits, crisps, chocolate and cakes.
The 'children' can all access this with ease now.
I still have to stand on a chair, which is just as well.

There is normally a butcher's block under the window.
It blocks the heat from the radiator.

The range stove (not an AGA, I've never wanted one) 
is in the chimney breast
and the sink unit is to the right of it.

Here are the crockery and glass cupboards, 
with a dropped level work surface for pastry and bread making.
The liquidiser, kettle and coffee machine all stand out on top.
I don't have a food processor since it went 'phut'.

 This is where we eat.
The shelf normally houses various plates, jugs and Poole Pottery jam pots.
The picture above I wrote about here and here and here.
Twenty years ago I had a bench made to store toys.
The Play Doh basket is still in there.
It may be needed again.

The tiles are very warming.
The butcher's hooks hold my utensils.
The mantleshelf above that holds yet more jugs and vases.

The sink unit has three cupboards above
which hold all the spices, oils, vinegars
and miscellaneous bottles and jars.

The three shelves hold a selection of the newly culled cookery books
presently in favour.
Fruit bowls stand on the corner unit and saucepans beneath.
The door to the left goes into the utility room.
Everything is in there being covered in a fine layer of dust.
The mess is indescribable.
I know the men are doing their best but there is hammering of masonry
and drilling of plaster and none of it can be avoided.
I am sitting upstairs and am also
covered in a fine layer of dust.
The men speak a very rare version of Farsi Blokeish.
They are from Afghanistan.

Now go and visit Sue.
She has a lovely new red floor.


  1. I do sympathize with the disruption to your kitchen, but admit to laughing out loud a bit at the Under Cover photographs you've shared with us.

    Of course, I am already looking forward to that future post when you'll be unveiling the splendid results. I do hope that all will be completed before the chilly winds do blow.

    (Mind you, the drilling on my apartment building's facade continues....)


  2. I love this post. And how happy I am to see that you have my clock on your wall.

    Wishing you a dust free future.

  3. love love love this post....

    I hope the dust is gone soon.

  4. It'll be lovely ! ... soon .
    I wonder how Afghani bloke-ish differs from the Fresian version . I hope the songs are better .

  5. No songs. No radio and hardly any breaks from 8 am to 6.30 pm. I had to suggest they might like to leave 'early' at 5pm so that I could clean up and get supper before it was too late.

  6. Renovations...ugh. It will all be over - eventually. Looking forward to the 'after' photos, though!