Thursday 22 May 2014

Splashing out

If you have crossed the vasty supermarket car park during a hailstorm,
 with the sky split asunder by lightening as you grip the metal trolley handle,
wondering if this - zap!- is where you will meet your Maker
and you are soaked through by the time you reach the refuge of the car
with its four nice rubber tyres,
and your fringe is dripping
and your glasses are fogged up
then you may permit yourself a wry smile when this

is what is playing on the radio.
The music is as torrential and thunderous as the storm
when it gets to 9:29.
Turn it up and chuck a glass of iced water
over your head for a near authentic experience.


  1. It is practically impossible to steer a supermarket trolley and hold an umbrella at the same time - the music was very fitting. Hope you have recovered.

  2. It is completely impossible if you didn't have an umbrella with you in the first place. No coat either. It was sunny when I went in. I have dried off now thank you.

  3. Scary story, but the music made a lovely start to my day, thank you. I slept soundly through the horrendous storm the other night that had the neighbourhood talking about feeling we were being bombed. (When did I turn from being the person who would calmly lead the household into the shelter into the person who would have to be rescued from the ruins, still sound asleep??)

  4. Supermarket car parks, storms and trolleys - what a grim combination. Your post made me laugh though.

  5. But Lucille, I have always looked to you as a role model. Are we not supposed to support our local bakery and fishmonger and make our own cleaning products from vinegar rather than darken the automatic doors of a supermarket. Have I trudged the seven miles to the nearest village every day in vain all this while?

  6. Wonderful! Although the resident dachshund howled his way through the first three minutes, as he used to do when my daughter practiced violin ( I should add that she was playing in various regional and national youth orchestras at the time, I wouldn't want you to think it was the quality of her playing he was objecting to! ).

    Far better too than the blast of music that greeted you on my blog, which went by the way, came back, and now seems to have gone again, fingers crossed.

    We once attended an open air performance of Carmina Burana at which rain stopped play ... no thunder but gale force winds and a torrential downpour... it was quite an experience for as long as the musicians continued valiantly.